Saturday, December 27, 2008

Small Molted Blue Genie Bottle

This Molted Blue Genie Bottle is 4" high and 4" wide. Thrown in Nara porcelain, the unique color was created by dipping the piece in Matt Black and then in Korean Blue.

$10.00 Shipping

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yin Yang Plate

I created this Yin Yang plate by transferring Blue Cobalt Oxide from a piece of foam core onto a piece of paper and then onto the leather hard clay. The plate itself was created using B-Mix clay draped over a plaster mold. After the plate was bisque fired, it was glazed with Korean Blue Celadon. It is 8" in diameter and fairly shallow.


Carved Sea Shell Plate

This porcelain plate was wheel thrown and then carved out. It was glazed in Rutile Pink, giving it the feel of the inside of an exotic sea shell. It is a little over 8" in diameter and 1.5" deep.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lidded Bowl - Korean Blue on Black Mountain

This lidded bowl was thrown with Black Mountain clay and then glazed with Korean Blue which emphasises the chattering marks on both the lid and the bowl. There is a proportional balance with this bowl that resonates within. It is 4" tall and 4" in diameter.


Small Chattered Vase (Black Inside)

This small porcelain vase was glazed entirely in Brilliant Black and then the outside was glazed in Korean Blue.

5" tall
Sold on 12/23/08

Monday, December 8, 2008

Medium Sized Bowl - Black Mountain/Korean Blue

This bowl was thrown using Black Mountain clay body - which is a very dark brown. Porcelain slip (white) was applied to the inside and then it was glazed with Korean Blue which has a medium transparency. The outside of the bowl is chattered allowing the glaze to settle into the ridges.

7" diameter at the rim and 3" tall
Shipping is $10.00