Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spook-tacular Halloween Deals

In honor of Halloween, all of my theme based inventory is priced at $10.31. Normally the plates are $30.00 and the pumpkins are $15.00.

All of the plates are wheel thrown in Nara Porcelain. They were glazed with Carbon Trap Orange Shino. The witch and bats were created using a Silhuette die cut machine. The vinyl stickers were applied to the porcelain, the plate was sprayed with the glaze. The sticker was then removed and the Brilliant Black glaze was then carefully painted on. The plates are food & dishwasher safe.

Witch Plate #1
@10" in diameter

Witch Plate #2
@9" in diameter

Witch Plate #3
@10" in diameter

The pumpkins (below) were also wheel thrown with Nara Porcelain. Once the shape was closed, I was able to alter the shape, pressing in against the air bubble captured inside. Once the piece was leather hard, I increased the indentations by carving away at the clay.
They were also glazed with Carbon Trap Orange Shino; however, I was not happy with the way it turned out, so I spray painted them black and coated them with a black glitter glue from my Creative Souls toolkit.

Black Pumpkin #1
@ 6" in diameter

Black Pumpkin #2
@ 5" in diameter